Numbers don't lie

Numbers Don’t Lie… but They Don’t Tell the Whole Truth

Here’s the thing about data: it’s way overrated. If anything, the more data we devour, the more wary we should be that it holds the answers we seek. Data is easily, and often, misused or misunderstood. Instead of mapping the short-cut to your success, data can turn into a detour. Data is a valuable map […]

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I teach them business, they teach me life

Mentoring Is a 4-Way Street: Let’s All Meet at the Intersection

I’m in the post office the other day with my wife Stephanie to send copies of a book I’ve just authored to a few people. There’s a friendly woman who works in the post office, Paula, who entertains customers waiting in line by singing to them. Only in New York!  Paula asks me about the […]

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Fisch Tales: The Making of a Millennial Baby Boomer