Pandemic Lessons Past, Present, and Future

Remember the pandemic? If that sounds like a funny question, what’s not so funny is this: if you look around, it feels like a lot of people have already forgotten about it, judging by the growing number of faces no longer behind masks. I’m not about to take off my mask. Not when I wade […]

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Can a Virus Vote?

There’s an old adage that “all politics is local.” Lately, though, in the thick of the worst pandemic in a century, it can feel like “all politics is loco.” That’s why I’m asking, “Can a virus vote?” We all know the answer, of course, but you wouldn’t know it from our need to politicize everything—even […]

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Lead from a place of humanity.

Wanted: Authentic Leaders, Like You

We are in uncharted territory. We’re like early American pioneers who ventured West to forge a new frontier and had no clue what they would find on their journey. I’ve lived and worked through my share of recessions, and came out okay every time. My parents grew up during the Depression—as did those of other […]

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Crisis Management

Conquering a Crisis

How do you manage a crisis? A better question is, How do you conquer a crisis?! If you’re a Millennial, the last time a COVID-sized crisis struck, you were anywhere from 5-20 years old. I’m speaking the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on America. As with the current COVID-19 crisis, that devastating attack affected millions of people. The […]

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Willis Reed

Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

“I’ve never heard the emotion of a crowd responding as greatly as that crowd responded to Willis Reed stepping on the floor,” recalled legendary coach Phil Jackson. “The crowd became our sixth man,” said Reed teammate and Hall of Famer Walt Frazier. “They catapulted us to another level.” To those younger than a Baby Boomer, you […]

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Kobe Bryant walking out to center court

Keeping Kobe’s Mamba Mojo Going

In gourmet dining, kobe signifies steak of the rarest, most prized quality. It is coveted and admired. In nature, the Black Mamba snake is renowned for its blazing speed and ferocious aggression. In pop culture, Star Wars guru Obi-Wan Kenobi is a wise mentor who uses otherworldly instincts to guide his proteges and outwit the […]

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millennials at work

What Millennials Can Teach the Rest of Us

What’s the best way to find out what others around you might know that will help you and your business? First, ask them. Then, listen to them, no matter Millennials or Baby Boomers, or position in the company. The smartest people often don’t speak a lot, it was pointed out to me by a global […]

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Yold Yoda with Yodels

Let’s Hear It for ‘Yold Lang Syne’

Young. Old. What difference does it make? A lot less than you might think. I believe that it doesn’t matter in which year you were born or to which generation you belong. What matters to me is who you are, what you do, and how young you allow yourself to be. If someone asks my […]

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OK Millennial OK Boomer

Let’s Meet in the Middle–OK, Boomer? OK, Millennial?

OK, Boomer. I’d like you to think back when you were at the same stage of life as Millennials are today. We’re talking roughly anywhere from, say, 25 to 40 years old. OK, Boomer, now that you’ve time-traveled to a few decades ago, think of how you will react if your parent, or one of […]

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All hail Gmail! AOL? LOL!

You’ve got mail!  If that phrase is instantly familiar to you, chances are you’ve used AOL email in the past and may still be using it. You’re probably a Gen Xer or older. If those three words don’t ring a bell, you’ve probably never used AOL email and wouldn’t be caught dead using it. You’re […]

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Fisch Tales: The Making of a Millennial Baby Boomer