Women in charge

Women in Charge

March is the month we celebrate women. The 8th is International Women’s Day. The 24th is Equal Pay Day. Every day is Women’s History Month. Having to set aside an entire month to remind us to honor thy mother and wife and sister and daughter, and every other woman, feels like a left-handed compliment of […]

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Are Role Models Heros?

Who’s Your Hero?

How about that Tom Brady. The legend of the star athlete who has won more championships than any other quarterback just keeps growing. This year he added a seventh Super Bowl victory to his collection. Number seven came after he left a perennially dominant powerhouse to join a mediocre also-ran. He single-handedly transformed the once-lowly […]

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Woodrow Wilson - Our Future Needs To Learn From Our History

Our Future Needs to Learn from Our History

It started in China. It ravaged the entire United States for months upon months. It devastated families who lost loved ones of all ages. It was a violently divisive political year that fueled racial animus and even polarized Americans into mask-wearers versus mask-deniers. It caused the country’s commander-in-chief to consider political ambition above public health. […]

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Mentoring America’s Future

I bet you’ve never heard of Daniel Cameron. I hadn’t either until starting to write this blog. But in the near future his name might become more familiar to Americans who follow politics. Perhaps he’ll be almost as familiar one day as Mitch McConnell or Bernie Sanders. Those two high-profile senators have taken the young(er) […]

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Election collage

Election Reflection

Different factions in the United States of America don’t agree on all kinds of things. That’s nothing new. One thing we all can agree on, though, is that 2020 has been a year for the ages. Especially for the younger ages — from Gen X to Gen Z. This is one of those unforgettable periods […]

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Roaring 20's collage

Are You Ready to Rock the New Roaring ‘20s?!

Are you tired of the isolation? Aren’t we all! But let’s face it. Before we can get our regular lives back, there still is a while to go. It will probably be years before things start to feel “normal” again. First, we need to have an effective vaccine within easy reach of everybody, as easy […]

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City and countryside landscapes connected

Nesting in Place

When I hear that a hot new show is coming to Broadway, I am all over it, booking tickets for the earliest performance possible. When my wife Stephanie and I saw Dear Evan Hansen, nobody I told had even heard of it.  Just goes to show you how fast fortunes can change. Sometimes for the […]

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Millennials working from home

WFO or WFH? That Is the (New) Question

Isn’t it ironic? In our modern Millennial workplace culture, companies go all out to outfit their work places with generous employee amenities — day care, fitness centers, free snacks, game rooms — to keep workers wanting to stay on site as much as possible. Yet, in the midst of the office-as-second-home revolution, those amenities must […]

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people wearing masks inside of car

Who’s the Snowflake Now, Boomer?

I never remember equating what someone wears with what they think. Sure, there might be a message on that t-shirt that lets you know what’s on their mind. Other than that kind of explicit statement, though, the simple act of wearing a piece of clothing doesn’t automatically project a political position. Until now. We live […]

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Davids vs Goliath

Davids and Goliaths

On Memorial Day 2020 in America, a rogue officer of the law dug his knee into the neck of George Floyd, and the world will never be the same. That single act of knee meeting neck has toppled monuments of historic standing and challenged the status quo across the globe. Yesterday’s enshrined “heroes” overnight turned […]

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Fisch Tales: The Making of a Millennial Baby Boomer