Pandemic Panic Attack

Pandemic Panic Attack

Every generation experiences one or more devastating events of historic proportion. It might be a major war or economic collapse or a terror attack on our own land. But the Covid-19 pandemic is something else altogether: I’ve never seen anything like it. Just about nobody alive has. Whether or not we know someone who has […]

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My Name is Bond. Inter-generational Bond.

The Name Is Bond, Intergenerational Bond

There used to be something called The Generation Gap. That was an expression commonly used when Baby Boomers were the Gen Z of their era — the younger generation. A big deal was made at the time about the many differences that separated teenagers and 20somethings from their parents and grandparents. There were multiple flashpoints […]

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Extremes! Are Not Normal!

Going to Extremes Is Not Normal

Whenever I’m working with, or speaking with, someone of a different generation — whether it’s Millennial, Gen Z, Gen X — one expression they’ll never hear me say is “When I was your age …” I honor the past, where appropriate. But I don’t worship it. And I definitely don’t live in it. There’s only […]

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Hello... This is your career calling!

Hello, This Is Your Career Calling

Bruce Springsteen recently led the long awaited return of Broadway by bringing back his award-winning one-man show. My wife Stephanie and I enjoyed seeing Springsteen on Broadway when it first opened in 2017. The Boss shares fascinating stories about his life, including one that instantly resonated with me. Imagine yourself an 8-year-old who has no […]

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Ready to Launch! Images of jets and planes flying

Ready to Launch

As the Millennial Baby BoomerTM, I like to stay plugged in to all the generations. That includes not only Millennials, but Gen X and Gen Z. Staying on their wavelength, as well as my own, helps me to understand how the world is turning and where we are going. We really are all in this […]

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Have you ever been cheugy?

Have You Ever Been Cheugy?

Do you wear cargo shorts or Ugg boots? Are you into Disney anything? Do you post memes like “Live, Laugh, Love” or “Girl Boss”? How about spraying on Axe deodorant? Sound familiar? Then welcome to Cheugyland! If you’re 25-40 years old (Millennial) or 24 and younger (Gen Z), Cheugy is a thing. But everyone can […]

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Home Is Where the Heart Is, Office Is Where the Work Is

  Imagine if your boss gave you a lie-detector test and the first question you were asked is, “Have you been putting in a full 40 hours a week during the pandemic while working at home?” How would you answer the question, assuming you didn’t want the polygraph machine to show your boss you were […]

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Hug it out, America. Stop fighting to make noise.

To Fix America, Start with Micro-America

So What Are We Doing About It? If you follow the news every day, as I do, you know that half of America hates the other half. Or at least that’s what we are led to believe. Pick a topic, almost any topic, and you can rest assured that there are people ready to pick […]

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Women in charge

Women in Charge

March is the month we celebrate women. The 8th is International Women’s Day. The 24th is Equal Pay Day. Every day is Women’s History Month. Having to set aside an entire month to remind us to honor thy mother and wife and sister and daughter, and every other woman, feels like a left-handed compliment of […]

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Are Role Models Heros?

Who’s Your Hero?

How about that Tom Brady. The legend of the star athlete who has won more championships than any other quarterback just keeps growing. This year he added a seventh Super Bowl victory to his collection. Number seven came after he left a perennially dominant powerhouse to join a mediocre also-ran. He single-handedly transformed the once-lowly […]

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Fisch Tales: The Making of a Millennial Baby Boomer